Development Progress September

Dear ALL,

Great News !!!!!

We have launched our Beta version of the front end website. We hope you can all take a look at the site and send us your feedback.

Of course it is a Beta release and some parts,

– Order now
– Free trial

Are not really accessible right now. Looking forward in receiving your feedback…..

This week will be focusing on the back end of the SPYBLE system. Meaning we will go over every screen and check the functionalities, layout and text of the pages. I guess this is our first Beta test. All the screens are ready so we need to test and review them. This will be done at the end of this week.

Meanwhile Marco in the Netherlands is busy reviewing code and security of the system. Furthermore we are moving the Competitor Analysis system over to our production server. This is a big step forward for us as we can at this point not access as the we are blocked in China or the Chinese IP is blocked by the current hosting. Thanks Marco for taking care of this.

To give everybody a better idea of what we are doing with SPYBLE I have included this overview of some milestones and deliverables.

Here is an overview of the milestones as they will look like right now till the 19th of October which is still our Final Beta release date.

Beta Testing

First Back end Beta testing 1 – 5 October

Implement Beta testing Changes 6 – 10 October

Second round of Beta Testing 10 – 14 October

Second round of Changes 15 – 18 October

Final Beta release 19 October


CA Migration 1 – 5 October

Implement SPYBLE CMS 5 – 6 October

Implement SPYBLE Helpdesk ticket system 5 – 6 October

Implement Pay Pall interface 6 – 10 October

Implement 2checkout interface 6 – 10 October

Develop Startup plan 10 – 14 October

We will launch a big Beta test campaign inviting all current CA users and of course all of you. We will beta test for a period of 1 month. After this month we will launch SPYBLE 1.0

So these are two exciting couple of weeks for the SPYBLE team. Everybody is working hard to get everything finished on the 19th of October.

Michael will start the SPYBLE survey campaign this week. This is a survey we do to find out what people are actually looking for in an online SEO tool. Will not get into to much details on this but we are basically doing an add words campaign to promote this survey. If people fill out the survey they can use our system for free for a certain period (still to be determined) and they get to become a beta tester.

On top of this we are already getting clients in Currently we are doing websites for 3 companies in Shenzhen

1 Chinese (don’t have the URL yet sorry)

In touch quality
Intouch Quality

Quality Wars

1 Dutch company in Shenzhen (no URL yet they still need to decide)

We are helping them with developing the site and doing the SEO. Don’t get me wrong we are not looking to sell website development as a service but we still have not found a reliable developer in Shenzhen that is willing to do these sites for us. We found one but had some issues with the technical leader of the company (not Chinese guy but western) don’t think we need to get into details but we were really not impressed. So right now we are doing it ourselves in our spare time (as we have so much spare time left anyway.)

Also it is an holiday week in China right now so our programmers are not working this means we have to do more coding ourselves (Marco.) But we are moving in the right direction and so far are on the right track.

Ok this is it for this week. Sorry for being on day late with the progress email…….


Bas Sluitman

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