Website Uptime

Stay up to date when your competitor’s website is up or down. Get real time alerts if there is a chance they have closed up shop and you can swoop in and grab it.

Our website monitoring checks website so you don’t have to. Get alerted by email (or other means depending on your plan) when a website is down and stay up to date on what is working for them and what isn’t.

Monitor yourself as well! Many want to also monitor their own websites. Sure, no problem! You choose the URL to look over.

Why would you use this?

Good question – we all know we should be monitoring our competitors – but we always get “too busy” in our daily operations. The fact is – our customers are checking our competitors more than we are! Don’t let this happen to you – where you customer tells you about your competitor offering something better than you.

  • Ensure your own sites are online and working
  • See how good your competition is doing.