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Week of October 6, 2008

Dear All,

Last week was a holiday in China. All the staff were on holiday. But Mike, Dave and Me got a lot of work done on checking all the interfaces of SPYBLE. Tommy and Alla are working hard on implementing all the changes this week.

Also Mike has started our Survey adwords campaign. With this campaign we are researching what kind of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Online Competitive Intelligence tools people are looking for. For those who do not know what adwords is add words is Google’s pay per click advertisement system. If you do a search on a keyword Google will show you two kinds of results,

– Organic which are the results on the left hand side of the screen.

– Paid results, these are the results on the right side of the screen and usually the first couple on top of the organic search results. Every time someone clicks on your add you pay Google a fee. (Pay Per Click.)

We have a long list of keywords for our add words campaign here a couple you can try in Google. The adds do not come up in China. Only in the US and Europe.

– website competition

– website competitive analysis

– website competitor analysis

– website competitors

Type them in Google and you will see our advertisement will be shown on the right side of the Google screen. Click on them and do our Survey.

You can also find the survey from this link,

We have two different advertisements which we use,

Search Engine Services
Automatic Competitive Analysis
Start the SEO Tool Revolution!

Search Engine Services
Automated Competitive Analysis
Join the SEO Tool Revolution!

Below is a screenshot of one of our advertisements on Google,

We are working hard to meet our Deadline of the 19th of October. Up until now we are still on schedule. Most of the work is going into the updating of the backend interface of SPYBLE , the SPYBLE Dashboard. The Schedule is still the same as I sent out the previous email of last week.

Beta Testing

First Back end Beta testing 1 – 5 October

Implement Beta testing Changes 6 – 10 October

Second round of Beta Testing 10 – 14 October

Second round of Changes 15 – 18 October

Final Beta release 19 October


CA Migration 1 – 5 October

Implement SPYBLE CMS 5 – 6 October

Implement SPYBLE Helpdesk ticket system 5 – 6 October

Implement Pay Pall interface 6 – 10 October

Implement 2checkout interface 6 – 10 October

Develop Startup plan 10 – 14 October

This was it for this week. Will send out another mail next Monday.

And please send us your feedback on

Also please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in these emails.

Best Regards,

Bas Sluitman

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