Developer Update October

Update – Oct 22, 2008

Dear All,

As usual we are working hard to get SPYBLE done and can say that we are almost there. Our deadline is Sunday 26th of October. After our setback last week with our server that broke down we postponed our beta live date for one week.

After our server broke down we were quite worried that we could not find a replacement quickly. It was not only SPYBLE that was going live last Sunday but we also had to be migrated from the Proseo Server to our server. www.competitor-analaysis .com was not accessible from China because of an IP issue.

First I contacted Dell in Netherlands but they seemed not to keen to sell me a server and told me delivery time is 10 to 15 days and they do not have any express service. So after talking to Marco about how to solve this issue I remembered an old study friend, Rob, he works for an online shop these guys sell all kinds of hardware online! I contacted Rob on Skype and he told me they can deliver a server in one day. Wow this was great news of course, I sent them our needs and budget so they could select a suitable server for us.

After one hour they found a suitable HP Proliant server for us and they could deliver in 1 day so great news.

However the news got even better when the CEO and Founder of the company saw SPYBLE. He got so excited about SPYBLE that he wants to donate the server to us and invest in SPYBLE and become involved in the project. I spoke with him on Monday and he told me he has never seen a product like SPYBLE ever and he thinks every business owner in the world would want to use this system. He was impressed with how we presented ourselves and how we sell our product. He gave me a proposal on what he would like to see in return for an investment. We have a meeting on Friday with Ivan, Michael and Bas about how we will proceed with his proposal.

Right now all the functionalities are working and done. We are just making adjustments to some parts of SPYBLE and “tweaking” the system. So coming Sunday is the BIG day the SPYBLE 1.0 Beta release!

Ok back to work as we still have a lot to do before Sunday.


The SPYBLE Team.

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