What Is Link Quality?

Referrer Detector – Quality of Links to you & competitors

The next Spyble tool is the Referrer detector, which now shows QUALITY instead of QUANTITY of links.

It is the 2nd tool on the Spyble dashboard (see below) showing you a quick number of your link quality.

You can also access your referrer detector tool from the Popularity check tool, by clicking on the number of links.

how is Link Quality calculated?

The referrer detector takes the link popularity of your referring links (popularity of your incoming links) and takes the average. This average will show you how popular your referring links are and therefore the quality of your link strategy. If you are just linking to anyone on the web, then mathematically, your link quality should be lower as the majority of sites online are of low quality. But, on the other-hand, if you only target link trading opportunities that have lots of links themselves, the quality will be higher.

The referrer detector is a good tool to gauge how quality the links you and your competitors have gathered. Weighing the popularity check tool with this tool should give you a good balance of QUANTITY of links (popularity check) and QUALITY of links (referrer detector)

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