Business Progress October

Week of October 6, 2008 Dear All, Last week was a holiday in China. All the staff were on holiday. But Mike, Dave and Me got a lot of work done on checking all the interfaces of SPYBLE. Tommy and Alla are working hard on implementing all the changes this week. Also Mike has started our Survey adwords campaign. With …

Development Updates

SPYBLE – COMPETE FASTER – corporate email Bas Sluitman writes our motivational internal email, pasted below: Dear All, A lot has happened in a very short time and will try to summarize it. This is the first time we send out a SPYBLE progress email. We apologize for not sending any updates sooner. The deadline for the system is October …

What Is Spyble From Spyble Girl

Lets get some buzz going . Our friend Francy has volunteered to become the Spyble girl…. Spyble is an online competitive analysis tool that allows users to monitor their websites against their competition. But yea that could get boring to explain – so Francy is helping get the buzz….


Spyble is coming back.   Here are some old images from back in the day